SERVICES provided at Bank Place Clinic, Castletownbere:

Pregnancy: This includes all aspects of Ante-Natal Care and Post-Natal Care, including Ultrasound Scanning on site. All aspects of Pregnancy and Baby care until 6 weeks are free ( the Doctor/Nurse are reimbursed by the State under the Mother and Child Schemewhen the Service has been completed.) Patients may have to pay for additional Services (i.e. Ultrasound scan, extra blood tests etc.)

Under 6’s: Free medical care for all children under six years of age.

Minor Surgery: The removal of moles, cysts , polyps and skin tags can be performed under local anaesthetic and usually only take a few minutes . Most of these procedures are covered under your private Health insurance ( VHI,  Bupa Healthcare, Aviva etc) or under one’s Medical card.

Surgical Freezing ( CryoSurgery): This involves the killing of cells in the skin by freezing and can be used to remove Warts, Cysts and Skin tags – without anaesthetic or stitching.

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring: If you have raised Blood Pressure, we can provide you with a Monitor to take home. This records your Blood Pressure over a period of 24 hours electronically; we can then monitor your Blood Pressure more carefully and adjust your Medication accordingly. Most of these machines will take and record up to 60 readings.

Cholesterol Checking: This measures the fat content ( cholesterol and triglycerides) in your blood stream. If this test indicates a raised level,  you can prevent your arteries becoming clogged up causing heart disease, gangrene of feet, loss of vision, strokes etc. You need to be fasting for 14 hours before your have your blood taken for this test.

Asthma Check Up: We can monitor your Asthma at the Clinic using a special machine that gives us a read-out on how well your lungs are operating. We can then adjust your Inhaler Medication accordingly. This machine can also detect early lung damage (by smoking, dust etc. ) and thus you can take steps to prevent further damage to your lungs .

Diabetes Check Up: As well as monitoring your blood sugar, there is a special blood test that tells us how your diabetes is doing ( a HbA1c). Diabetics also need their blood pressure, eyes, foot circulation and nerves checked for damage on a regular basis.

Vaccinations: Bank Place Clinic is an Official Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. We also administer Childhood Vaccinations, Pneumococcal Vaccine and the Flu Vaccine.
The flu vaccine is available to all over 65 years of age who possess a Medical Card and to Patients with certain chronic medical conditions.

Eye Check Up: We have the equipment (a Slit Lamp Microscope) to check the  state of your eyes. We can detect conditions like Glaucoma and Cataracts early before they cause irreparable damage to your eyesight. This is also used in the removal of foreign bodies from the eye.

Hearing Check Up: We have the equipment to detect any hearing loss in all age groups by using a screening Audiogram.

Well Woman Clinic: Breast Check, Family Planning Advice, Menopausal Problems, Urinary Incontinence and Osteoporosis Prevention are the mains areas of your health which can be checked at this dedicated Clinic. The Practice Nurse will also carry out Cancer of the Cervix screening smears. These are free to all women between the ages of 25 years and 60 years.

Well Man Clinic:  We can screen men for Cancer of the Prostate, Testes, Bowel  by a combination of physical examination, blood tests and  bowel tests here at the Clinic.
We can also test you for Testosterone Deficiency, which is often an undiagnosed medical condition in men over 40 yrs. This male hormone deficiency can cause tiredness, weight gain, feeling down/depressed, being more irritable, sleep disturbance, difficulty in concentrating, loss of libido (sex drive) and erectile dysfunction (floppy penis), weakness of bones and loss of muscle power.

Heart Check Up: We can check the health of your heart using a Computerised Cardiograph(ECG). This can be done in all age groups, but particularly in those over 40 yrs and those with a Family History of heart disease or heart problems.

Sport’s Injuries can be treated at the Clinic with Electrical stimulation, Ultrasound and Acupuncture. Direct referral can be made to a Specialist for MRI scan if necessary. Dr. Fiona Kelly has a special interest in Sport’s injuries and Miriam Sheehan, Chartered Physiotherapist, can also treat you at her Clinic in Knockanroe (just behind Bank Place Clinic) – Tel: 086-0839173.

Herbal Medicine: Advice and supply of pure natural European and Oriental Herbs can be provided at the Clinic by Dr. Gleeson.

Acupuncture Clinic:  Dr Gleeson has been using Acupuncture for more than 20 years to promote healing in a variety of disorders, but particularly in Arthritis, back pain, sprains, non-healing injuries, aches and pains etc. We are now using a new and safer type of Acupuncture used by the G.P. and world famous Acupuncturist  – Dr Felix Mann in London.

Nutritional and Dietary Advice:  Your nutritional status can be checked and any deficiencies treated here at this Clinic.

Medico-Legal Advice is provided at Bank Place Clinic and we have extensive experience providing Legal Reports for Patients via the P.I.A.B or through their Solicitor.

Full Health Check-up (Executive Health Check). You can book a full medical check-up at Bank Place Clinic. You will have an preliminary examination by the Practice Nurse followed by an extensive physical examination, a plethora of blood tests, screening with high technology  medical equipment and be given a full Report with advice and recommendations to maintain your health.

Even if you have no complaints, you should consider a full physical check-up every few years as there are many silent illnesses that give no warning signs – e.g. raised blood pressure, Diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, strokes, cancers, glaucoma.

Seafarer’s Medical Examinations ( ENG 11): Since 2004, the Maritime Safety Directorate have made it  a legal requirement for any Seafarer to hold a valid Certificate attesting to their medical fitness for the work in which they are employed.Dr. Gleeson is one of the ‘Approved Doctors’  appointed by the Department of Marine & Natural Resources to carry out such medical examinations.

Free Services to Patients:

  • Annual Flu Vaccination for everyone over 65 yrs with a Medical Card.
  • Cervical Smears for ALL women between 25 yrs and 60 yrs.
  • Ante-Natal Care during Pregnancy and until the baby is 6 weeks old.
  • Breast Check.
  • Children up to their 6th Birthday – Under 6’s.