Your Health is your Wealth.

Modern Medicine is about preserving you Health and preventing Illness.

In the past year have you :

Had you Blood Pressure checked? It may prevent a stroke or heart attack.

Checked your blood Cholesterol level ?

Checked your Heart – by having an ECG ?

Had an examination and blood test to detect early Cancer of the Prostate ?

Had a simple test to check for Cancer of the Bowel ?

Gone to the Doctor for a Breast Check and a Cervix Cancer test ?

Showed the Doctor any suspicious changes to your skin – Moles,'Freckles' ,Spots, etc?

Had a Urine test to exclude  – Diabetes,Kidney Diseases, Cancer etc.?

Checked your Hearing ?

Had your breathing and Lungs checked for Bronchitis, Epmhysema, or TB?

Have your Eyes checked to detect early Cataracts,Glaucoma or Macular Degeneration ?

Come to the Clinic for Flu or Pneumonia Vaccination ?

Sought help with your Mental Health – Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Depression etc?